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    hardcore357 reacted to LSPDhotstuff in My lcpdfr video (youtube)   
    Nice background music, makes the action lively. I thought it was a San Andreas Radio Station
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    hardcore357 reacted to LSPDhotstuff in My lcpdfr video (youtube)   
    Press F8
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    hardcore357 reacted to Boozer in My lcpdfr video (youtube)   
    How do you bring up the menu to toggle lethal force and all of that??
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    hardcore357 reacted to J.J Designs in What kind of vehicle do you drive?   
    i know is not much but gets me to point a to b
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    hardcore357 reacted to Cory Adam in What kind of vehicle do you drive?   
    I Drive a 2012 " Wife's "Dodge Avenger and 2010 Dodge Charger
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    hardcore357 reacted to Prophecy in My Thank's   
    Cool car
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    hardcore357 reacted to homerunman in RC2 Key Guide?   
    Hey all -
    Just finished my install of 95RC2, and i noticed a hyperlink in the install that took me to a keyguide for RC2. I thought, "Oh, how wonderully helpful!" and followed it where it took me to a 502 Bad gateway page about 7 times in a row. Going into the Downloads section of the site, there's a key guide link under the DL links for rc1 and rc2, but is simply redirects to the rc2 DL page. Anyone know where i can grab a keyguide, or site admins, could you get on this? It would be nice to have a key guide and a working site for everyone.


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    hardcore357 reacted to xboxedd in 5 pistols, 1 man   
    I was arresting some fat bald guy in Hove Beach on the bridge behind the PD and he pulls out a pistol, but before he can shoot me i tazed him. I then try to arrest him again but he pulls out another pistol and i taze him again. This repeats over and over untill there are 5 pistols on the ground. Then I said " @#!*% it" an killed him. Of course since I am in Hove Beach about 5 people with shotguns and automatic weapons start fireing at me. Long story short I call in backup, all of them are killed, and a paramedic is citated for running over a pedestrian and hitting a few cars.