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  • File Reporting Guidelines


    The following list details what we expect from reports in relation to files. If you fail to follow these general guidelines, there may be a delay in processing your report, or it may be closed without taking any action. Generally, you will not be punished for not following these guidelines, however repeated misuse of the reporting system may result in infractions.


    • Always include a message with your report - do not leave the message area blank. Leaving the message area blank on a file report will result in the report being closed immediately.
    • If you are reporting a file for having incomplete or incorrect credits, include the correct credits in your report.
    • If you believe a file has been directly reuploaded by someone other than the original author, include a link to the original file.
    • If you believe a file is using parts that the uploader does not have permission to use, you should contact the author of the parts instead. We will not process reports regarding permission issues unless the original author submits the report.
    • If you are the original author reporting a stolen file/part, always include evidence. The burden of proof always falls on the reporter, not the uploader. Evidence should be included in the report itself to speed up processing instead of saying "PM me for proof."
    • Do not publicly accuse anyone of mod theft. This is against our site rules and only delays the processing of your report.


    You may check the progress of your report in our Support Dashboard. See this topic for more information.