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LSPD officers are tonight holding the line after crowds gathered outside city hall in protest after a council official was  reinstated after reports of corruption, Crowds are gathering all across Los Santos making some areas a no go zone. LSPD have drafted in extra officers from the Los Santos County and Blaine County Sheriff's office to help control the disorder. 


Disorder has spread from the city to surrounding areas of Davis, Strawberry and Rancho. 


LSPD Chief Layfield commenting on the disorder stating that there were too few officers ready to respond to the disorder after the decision made today and blamed life invader for fuelling looting and violence saying the social media platform has been used to organise Loots and pockets of disorder to attack police.


Mr Layfield has pledged that more officers will be on the streets from tomorrow to tackle any pockets of disorder and thanked the officers from both BCSO and LSCSO for their assistance in this troubling time. 


More than 100 people have been arrested as officers were attacked, police vehicles damaged and shops looted.  The Disorder is expecting to run long into the early hours of the morning as LSPD attempts to regain control of the city streets. More to follow.



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