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Visual Errors/Bugs Still Not Fixed by Rockstar

It's been a quite a while now since the release of GTA V on PC. And I'd like (even if this isn't the place to put it) bring attention to several visual bugs and errors that Rockstar has seemed to overlook in every update so far, and even adding bugs with updates. So this clusterfuck of an image is me pointing out some of the errors that plague the games emergency vehicles (police to be exact). You'd think with the police being the primary antagonist of the GTA series it would be hard for Rockstar to overlook such errors.

This is very nit-picky, but come on Rockstar. I'll be sending feedback to Rockstar, but it would be nice if you guys raised hell.


  • On almost every police vehicle the rear right blue light uses the last gen Blue, instead of the new gen Blue (Noticeable during nighttime) The wing mirror light on the POLICE3 uses the last gen blue as well (but doesn't look as awful)
  • The rear LEDs on the Sheriff Stanier/Cruiser clip through the roof
  • Marked Police Staniers utilize both the last gen and new gen red corona on Rockstar's Arjent / LED lightbar

          >Not present on the Halogen bar; wasn't an error until around the Ill-Gotten Gains Update

  • The police interceptor (POLICE3) uses 6 LEDs on the side, where there should logically only be 4 
  • (Not pictured) POLICE3 should use the livery that the Police & Police2 use; not the generic "POLICE" [Universal attention, just thought I'd add to the circle jerk]

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