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Single-vehicle RTA

DEL PERRO FWY. -- A one-vehicle accident has left one man hospitalised. Police say 42-year-old Wallace Harper of Del Perro was driving his Pegassi Vacca down the Del Perro Freeway when he lost control of his vehicle and struck a crash barrier just past the Morningwood exit at approximately 4:15 this morning. Harper was ejected from his vehicle upon impact and slid approximately 250 feet down the road. He was taken to the Mount Zonah Medical Center in critical condition.

Police are reviewing the vehicle's blackbox, but state that speeds were most likely a factor in the wreck. Officer Volkner of the Del Perro Police Department and State Trooper Oliver Carter state that charges will most likely be pending. "This is what happens when you start driving recklessly", Ofc. Vokner remarked in a statement released earlier today. "You may look at the news and say 'Oh, it'll never happen to me'. But we all want to be more than just a statistic. We all want to go home and see our wife and kids. Harper got lucky."

The San Andreas Department of Transportation reminds drivers to always wear their seatbelts, even at short distances.


I suck at staged photos. Just pretend this happened before Volkner was hospitalised; I have no sense of linearity.


Edit: Bah, just realised I forgot to put this in my main GTA5 gallery.

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