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[WIP] Emergency Enhanced Peds

[WIP] Emergency Enhanced Peds
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Working with the help of @Baud0412 for a bigger update on many agencies.


I will upload LSPD version as V4. After doing so, i will work on a hole pack [ EEP ].


EEP will feature LSPD, LSSD and LSHP for now. I will start with male peds and will continue with females as we never got the chance to see enhanced female peds.


Be advised: i still need to rework most of the textures shown in the gallery, so expect more changes soon.


As i will not be at home during the period of december 22-25 i will probably release it december 26-27. (LSPD Cop V4).


Merry Christmas for ya all!!  :woot:


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