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Police Interceptor Utility 2014 LAPDversions

Police Interceptor Utility 2014 LAPDversions
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Thank you for taking a look.
This vehicle is the LAPD specifications of the "Police Interceptor Utility 2014".
It should be noted that the body paint is a fictional paint, do not reproduced the reality of the vehicle.
I think that to reach unexpected point is there are many because it would be greatly appreciated when advice such as improvements.
! Unauthorized re-distribution of this vehicle MOD will ask only a personal thing!
* How to install *
Replacement vehicle police3
update \ x64 \ dlcpacks \ patchday4ng \ dlc.rpf \ x64 \ levels \ gta5 \ vehicles.rpf \
Questions about the installation does not accept other than bug-bug, such as crash
Please enjoy!

この車両は「Police Interceptor Utility 2014」のLAPD仕様です。
入れ替え車両 police3


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