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MP RP Story

MP RP Story
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pictures from the ending of an epic movie! i dont have pictures from the hole thing unfortunately but ill just say the story. me and joao were partners on ESU for 22 yrs but recently things changed.. he takes a leave on ESU for a while. i dont know it but he becomes a hitman. while hes gone im losing of the city and crime rates go through the roof!! but but what i dont know is that its him and his group :( (what a change of events huh?) im gettin shot and got hit and sent to the hospital twice. i keep calling him and seeing how hes doing and hes getin sad and nervous. i even get shot with rpgs! but i evade them. i get a call for assistance and it seems like a trap. i get shot twice by joao and get sent to the er in critical condition. i called him enroute and he cant take it, he says hes coming back and has to reveal something, the truth! :O after my successful surgery hes comes and visits me and tells me everything! and he goes intoa rage and takes the hospital and every 1 in it hostage. i try talking him down and he drops a grenade. he ends up crippled and goes to jail long after. i almost killed myself and i just stop and break down. after 5 years his jail term is half done and im HRT Specialist and a Tactical Medic on the team....time to go visit him lets see how it all ends up in the next part!, enjoy the ending pics! it was an amazing story and we done by all involved. ill add names and give credit to all involved whn i get them!

Cast of this part^:
BadGamer 117


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