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LSSD Patrol

LSSD Patrol
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Solid patrol with BxBugs123's 2011 LASD/LSSD Crown Vic. Had a couple of crash issues w/ ZLib errors, but overall great time.








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    • When will this come out, im in love rn!
    • That grille looks great. 
    • dang, she's tall.  6' huh? 😄 I know it's only a visual, but that scale is off.  She's actually 5'7" (or so).  How do I figure this? She's 8 rows of cinder blocks tall (just over a bit actually).  So knowing that all standard cinder blocks are 8"x8"x16", and that each mortar line is approximately 1/2" that's (8x8)+(7x0.5)=67.5  And 67.5 divided by 12 inches (in a foot) gives you 5.625 or 5'7.5" tall.  But still a nice touch 🙂  I had this same convo with the folks on my fivem server that use this room.
    • NVR is hands down my favorite graphics mod.  Can I ask what tweaks you made? To the visualsettings?
    • Thanks man! I'm currently using Natural Vision Remastered with a few of the settings tweaked to my liking 🙂 
    • DAMN! This is a sexy shot.  What graphics you running?
    • ETA on the release? I know you said it'll be a mega-pack, but I just really want this Crown Vic. It's exactly what I'm looking for 🙂 
    • Any information on what has happened would be fun ":P
    • Not douchey at all... I've heard this before, and respectfully disagree with the opinion. I don't agree with the notion that because those people can go do this work elsewhere, that we shouldn't take any measures possible to help curb the abuse happening here. To be honest, 50% of these abusers will likely give up simply because it is made more difficult for them to obtain the models to rip. 
      This community is a privilege for people to be part of... there is no constitutional right that we must allow anyone and everyone in, and allow them to stay, unless pre-defined rules are broken in a black & white manner. Rather, this is a privately operated function, where the owners, managers, moderators, etc. can choose who is in, and who is out... without reason if necessary. There is no requirement for any leader of this community to maintain some kind of due process or the like. Just like, if it is not liked that I'm questioning how things are being approached, I could be kicked, and as a private establishment, that would be within your right. It would just be a sad day when the developers with morals decide they've had enough here, and decide to pull the plug... leaving this place with only those of less character and ripped/stolen models... When that day comes, we won't get any joy out of saying "told ya so."
      And trust, I am mad at the people who steal and rip. I'm not mad at the moderator staff, just disappointed. This apparent "turn the other cheek" when they know people here are taking models, ripping them, and distributing elsewhere... it's a bummer. You mention that nothing would be different if models were taken to a different website or Discord... and you're right, the ability to obtain models would remain, but you best bet their ass will be permanently banned once their morals are discovered. When you say "Even the idea of punishing people for what they do on other sites and/or in private is outrageous..." isn't actually that outrageous. Imagine if you live in State A and your driver's license is revoked or suspended... you don't have a license to drive in any other state either. State T doesn't say "well, the reason his license was suspended didn't happen here, so we don't have to enforce that here. He can drive without consequence if he wants."
      Again, my disagreement with the opinion here is not out of disrespect. The leaders here have the right to operate the community how they choose, I just think it should be of great interest to the leaders to hear some of the other opinions and concerns. Thank you for your time.
    • Ahh ok I had it in my game and updated my mods folder and lost it so I have been on the hunt since but now I know thanks.
      Any ETA on when not to rush you or anything.
    • That is mine, I removed it for the time being from my profile. They'll be up soon again.
    • Nice who's EUP is that?
    • Cannot wait Attila come out I hope soon thank you for making it 0.4
    • Was wondering if you had the lightbar available for download, this same one thats used on the holden highway patrol for australia etc.. I am after a good lightbar to use on a vehicle i'm creating, Credit will be given.
    • where is the menu download
    • where can i download the character creator 
    • Very well taken, she hot!
      There's NO Excuse for domestic violence.
      🚔 If you like this side then you have to see my rear
    • https://www.gta5-mods.com/maps/real-freeway-signs
      You can also look for a mod called "LA Billboards" and it will still come with the stuff in the link above including the hollywood sign
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