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Issues with Traffic Policer

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I had traffic policer working on a previous setup of lspdfr..  Everything worked pretty well and then I had to reinstall everything the other day because lspdfr just stopped working all together.. This time around i cannot seem to get trafic policer to work, i have installed it as stated in the readme. Is it possibly because i am using Traffic Controll? Or would stop the ped have something to do with it? I know stop the ped doesnt like arrest manager which i also have installed but doesnt work anymore. I'm new to this but i really enjoy it, i spend just as much if not more time trying to tweak things than i actually do playing lol. I really dont want to start over again, but i do notice that you learn each time..if someone could just point me in the direction of the perfect setup of mods that'd be great. but anyway all i really need rn is traffic policer so that i dont have to perform traffic stops in the middle of the freeway. Thanks in advance!

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