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Hey so i was using Modding DLC V for extra police cruisers i use, Today i tried to play and found out my carvariations and vehicles.meta had their text in the files removed, can someone who has approximately 50 vehicles in the meta files could you please send me your meta files so i dont have to add back all the vehicles please i have 88 vehicles so im willing to do the other 33 cars, Please do not comment on how many cars i have, I know its a lot but id really appreciate it, Thanks @Moderators if this discussion isnt appropriate for this please move it to the topic section where its appropriate

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 Making mistakes and correcting those mistakes is something all of us have had to do, and what we still do. 


My advice for the future is to back up your vehicles.meta and carvariations onto your desktop just in case something like this happens.

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