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Police Computer+ Crashing

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Hey guys,


I am having some issues with the LSPDFR Computer+.  I am not sure if there is compatibility issues with some of my other mods or not - I have checked around and have not found any well known issues. I am able to search the ped and vehicle databases some and I usually get a picture for both the vehicle and ped - and then just randomly I will click the ped or vehicle database button and I will get a RPH crash and the game crashes to desktop. I am not sure if the crash is due to a certain instance that occurs with a ped/vehicle? Usually I can't play for more than 30 mins before I get this crash. If I do not use computer+ it seems to be just fine. When I don't use it I have played for up to 4 or 5 hours.


I really love the LSPDFR Computer+ plugin and it is a huge part of the LSPDFR experience for me. If anyone has a solution I would really appreciate your help!


I have attached my RPH file and mods/plugins installed. (I also have vehicle mods installed that are not shown in the screen captures).


I would really appreciate the help if someone has a solution. We really have a great community here and it is nice that other people take their personal time to help out others.

We all appreciate it!





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