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How you can play as A Security Guard in LCPD:FR

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So, In LCPDFR, You have all police models accept the Security Guards. If you want to play as a Security Guard, Open SparkIV. Find m_m_securityman.wtd & the wdd and the wft, Export the files to some folder and Go to the folders. Rename the Securityman files to m_m_fatcop_01.wtd, wdd and wft. do the same with the Hats. They are the same name as the model files, except they have a p in them. Then Open back up SparkIV and import the new fatcop files into the archive, then save it. do the same with the Hats. Open up the game, And Wazza! There you go! I did this and it actually - worked!!!! Enjoy! 🙂 Security_Guard.jpg


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