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I need help for LCPDFR on GTA: EFLC

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Hello, I'm new to LCPDFR. So, I've had this problem for 2 days now, and It's getting on my nerves. Quite some days ago, I installed LCPDFR on my Steam GTA IV, and it worked perfectly. But then the game kept crashing, and now I've uninstalled it, and have relied on playing EFLC for LCPDFR. I've installed it correctly, though Alt + P does not work In game. I've checked the Diagnostics tool, and everything is installed Correctly, No errors. I'm wondering if anyone could know a possible solution to help resolve this, that would be much appreciated. My GTA: EFLC patch is, So I'm wondering if the patch is the case.


Thank you,


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Oh, wait, I've just realized something. I am using LaunchEFLC to play EFLC, Not the game application itself. I have given this some thought, and I checked the properties in both applications.


LaunchEFLC = Product version



I had upgraded / downgraded EFLC a few hours ago, and I was wondering why it wasn't working. But when I try to launch the EFLC application itself, it prompts me with this: "EFLC FATAL ERROR: Game needs to be launched using LaunchEFLC.exe" Now by doing so, LaunchEFLC's version is, and I cannot launch the game through the original application. does anyone know a way to launch EFLC using the original file that is Thank you.




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