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hi so im new to programming,i have Experience in programming websites just now getting in to making games, but i don't care about making Games i just wanna be able to make mods, it's easier than making a full game lol, so let me get to the point now haha sorry about that, so i'm working on a callout Package i have about 4 callouts that are close to being done, like i  said i'm still learning but not the best at math but i'll get through it haha, so i have three questions,  how do i add a waypoint to the Locations of the scene, and and how do i add more vector locations, and last one how do i make where if i have a callout for sandy shores i won't get the callout if i'm in the city only when i'm close, thank you.

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For the Waypoints, I usually attach it to the police vehicle (or whoever's on scene) So CopVB in this case is the cop vehicle name/tag blip



                CopVB = Cop.AttachBlip();

                CopVB.Scale = 0.6f;

                CopVB.Name = "Officer";




If that doesn't work, you might wan't to ask other people, because I haven't coded in a long time, so I have forgotten a few things. Also remember to have the private blip where you have the callout states, peds, vehicles and what not.


private Blip CopVB;


For the vector 3's, I think I know what you're talking about, but I might've forgotten how to do it sorry.

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