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LSPDFR Works, but most plugins dont load

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After latest update on GTA V LSPDFR works but most of the plugins like Computer+ LSPDFR+, Better EMS, Agency Callouts, Arrest Manager, etc. Do not work at all.



I removed LSPDFR and all plugins, reinstalled to no result.

LSPDFR loads fine, along with cop holster, but the rest of the plugins (Arrest Manager, Better EMS, LSPDFR+ etc.) Do not load, and do not work. I end up only getting 3 callouts: Pursuit in Progress, Grand Theft Auto, and Another one I can't remember.

As previously stated, I attempted removing plugins to solve the problem, to no avail, as well as using a new rage plugin, and an old one. same with RageNative, and the albo script.

-GTA V Directory: https://gyazo.com/7631d5296580a7e2d1328ba93939113a

-System Specs: https://gyazo.com/d575c3e8c4eff38fdf4138dc5e53b0bd 


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Reference the link below. 





The community is more than willing to answer any question you may have, but please search the forums before posting a topic. Because your question may have been already asked or answered. 




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