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Recent GTAV Update Help

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Hi guys - sorry if this is a no-brainer or something, I'm new here (to the forums at least), but I've been having some trouble with the recent GTAV update.


Most of my LSPDFR and related mods, as well as RPH, still work without issue. However, 2 things are causing me problems:


1) Suddenly the lights on my non-ELS vehicles are now brighter than the sun and it makes playing LSPDFR with those vehicles impossible. I have also noticed that other lights in the game that are supposed to be "bright" are also blinding. Is there a way to fix this via OpenIV? I don't use any visual enhancing mods.




2) Also suddenly, the siren I had been using is now shrill and ear-destroying. It's as if the game is playing the raw WAV file on maximum possible volume output after the recent update. Please help!




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