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Beginner Modder - Game Crashes on Loading Screen

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Hi to all,

I'm new to modding and getting the issue of the game crashing after "Loading and Populating Game World" on the loading screen. 

The only mods/plugins I have installed are LSPDFR, Arrest Manager, ELS, Simple Trainer and British Police Vehicle ELS Pack. I have been testing regularly and the last time I tested it worked.

It isn't working now I have checked for RagePlugin, GTA and Scripthook Updates.
I have ran Albo's LSPDFR Troubleshooter and it says no errors.

I've linked - RagePlugin log file RagePluginHook.log// GTA V Directory


Please Help, I really need a working game.


Screenshot (52).png

Screenshot (53).png

Screenshot (54).png

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