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Random Crashes

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So I'll be playing happily, no obvious problems - and then ill be in the middle of a pursuit and bam - I've crashed; The game has frozen and sort of gone opaque with the whole GTA is not responding stuff, Then audio still seems to be running, not stuttering or looping.

I've reinstalled LSPDFR a bunch of times, as well as a fresh install of GTA V yet it still happens - even with me playing on normal graphics settings.

I had been having issues with getting RPH to launch with GTA but I've fixed it now (Just set it to run in windowed mode) and such I've added plugins back.

I ran Albos LSPDFR troubleshooter and it found nothing wrong with it.



Intel i5 6400 Quad Core

GTX 1050ti 





Traffic Policer

Arrest Manager

Assorted Callouts

EUP Menu + Law and Order Pack


Attached the RPH Log incase that shines any light on the subject


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I was playing again, and when it crashed this time It was right after a little bump into another police car, I also noticed most of the web pages on the second monitor get killed.

Killed pages: https://gyazo.com/7f994431b775d296a3c73dd0601b7867

What they say: https://gyazo.com/81558e5375f98e6e482b37435685864a

Screenshot of the crashed GTA: https://gyazo.com/8664179fdefbc113649c65ebd963f6d4

As before, The siren is still running on its normal loop - and I think I can hear the faint buzzing of the engine and possibly horns as if to suggest that just the screen has frozen, but there's no tone change when I try moving the car (both with controller or keyboard)


Again heres another rph log


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