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Unable to start LSPDFR - "RPH has stopped working"

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Hey, I downloaded LSPDFR the other day and got a few mods that were recommended right after, all of them done by Albo1125.  After I finished downloading everything I tried to start Rage Plugin Hook from my GTA V directory and it crashed almost immediately citing "Rage Plugin Hook has stopped working" after trying to figure out why this is happening for the past two days and only finding users with similar unresolved issues I realized I need help. I've been asking for help in the RPH discord to no avail either, I was able to edit the settings before it crashed to get logs on it.


Here's the RPH crash file: niggas_zpsnadqjqaz.png





The following photos are my GTA V directory: niggas2_zps8lmxoyi8.png








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If you have this problem try uninstalling and reinstalling the RPH requirements, for me it was c++ that needed to be redownloaded.

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