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Everytime I Get Some Mods something in my GTA File gets deleted

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So, I want to be clear on something straight away. I'm new to the modding community. I just was never able to afford a decent PC to mod Until I got this good paying job to afford this one. So if i look stupid.. That's why. Anyways, I installed GTA V four days ago, and I finally got RagePluginHook downloaded with the Basic LSPDFR mod to go with it. The Problem didnt Arise until after I started adding in more mods, and scripts to the game that i noticed something in my GTA file directory was off. the files_CommonRedist and Installers were missing.  I had RPH and OpenIV downloaded and in the directory and it worked fine until...It didn't. I ended up having to reinstall the game starting at 35gb (it takes me hours to download but \_( '_')_/  ) So this morning I went online with no mods loaded, and then proceeded to FiveM. Both Worked and I installed RPH and OpenIV like normal....went off to do something came back and stuff was deleted again. Including those two files. And it's making me redownload everything again....Am I doing something wrong? Is this normal I mean..... Hell I installed the Tsunami Mod and uninstalled it properly (that could be easy idk) but...I need help before I screw it up again... 🙂


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