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Help Making Non Els Cars

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Hey guys and gals of lspdfr I wanted to ask around and see if someone would be willing to help me make some non els cars I know the basics of how to do lods and everything but I just need help setting up the lights I have watched many tutorials to no avail my lights only show dummies flashing and most tutorials are for lightbars not for interior lightbars or just regular lights like traffic advisors or rear view window lights. If you would like to help please message me on here or on discord THETECHGUYGAMING#9106

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The best thing you can do is getting a default cop car from ingame using openiv, import it in zmodeler and see how the lightbar and lights work in there.

If you want to do custom patterns you'll need to learn to mod sirens in carcols ymt.


The best way of learning this is experimenting by yourself.

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