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LSPDFR Crashing After Arrests

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Needing some help from anyone whose got it. I've been having some issues with my LSPDFR and some other mods I've downloaded. They work as they should but almost every time I go to arrest someone, right before I handcuff them or as soon as they stand up it'll crash. The logs have been similar every time, but I'm gonna add the most recent. My plugins are as follows; LSPDFR+, Assorted Callouts, Arrest Manager, Traffic Policer, Computer+, Police Search, and Police Smart Radio. The game runs fine and the callouts function as normal, but it's just when the arrest goes to take place. Sometimes it'll happen on the first arrest, and sometimes it'll take two or three. It's very odd. Any assistance or aim in the right direction would be much appreciated. 


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