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How do i make reflective skins?

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I've been seeing a couple of people making reflective skins on cars and other thing.
Can anyone please tell me how to do this? I would like to update some of my skins with this

All help would be appreciated 




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What do you mean by reflective skin? are you talking about the car reflection?

If that so, you have to know that when you apply a livery, you're "pasting" something on the body, which makes the reflection a lot harder to see (it's like if you put a sticker on a car and you want after that the sticker is reflective)

The only way you can have a refleection on your livery is by adding an other car colour or by adding a pearlescent colour to the car, but it won't be as clean as if there were only the paint
Or you can for example of lspdfr cars just putting white letters for "police" or other things and let everything else as body paint (aka nothing more on the texture), this way the colour you'll put on your car will have the reflection you want

- - - - - - - - - -

If that's absolutely not what you were talking about, please try to explain with some pics or anything xD

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What I mean is this: 
3adcad voa5


The parts of skins that are reflective. Looking at this, I'm not even sure if its even reflective. It might just be fluorescent because i dont see a direct light source.
This skin looks like this when its day:

3adcad voa2


Thats what i mean with reflective, sorry for the confusion 🙂


EDIT: Looking at the files (Policet.ytd), there is the base skin called "Paintjob", and a file called "Reflective-Paintjob". The second one is a transparent canvas with the lines of the "reflective" bits in the car and the 1st file being the skin like every other car. 

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