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I read there was a read me file with controls.

I found only a pdf that then said there was a guide on the site. I can't find the guide or the read me file to know what the controls are.


Please help me lol


I also can't view the faq. Says I don't have perms. I went to contact, and the facebook page said I couldn't message them lol.

Help me out of the goose chase.

My questions are stacking up. I was involved in a shooting of three people in a car chase downtown. The cops just left, and there are bodies all over the road lol.
Do I call the ambulance or what?

Eventually found this


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What exactly are you asking help with?


You mentioned what to do when you have 3 people on the ground deceased? 

 " This is where police radio comes in handy, because you can call a corner to come get the bodies, and then you can call a tow truck if they got out of a vehicle."


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