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Windows updates and default programs for your GTA files.

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Just a heads up to anyone who might have recently clean installed Windows 10 and like to edit GTA V .meta and .dat files and so on.


Update KB4458469 is the culprit.


Background: Was having trouble setting a default program for any file type, Was trying to set Notepad as default for files like vehicles.meta and carviariations.dat. Tried to set so I wouldnt be reminded to choose a program every time I wanted to edit it. Could not choose any word editing software, Word, Wordpad, Notepad, Notepad++. All that would happen was that the icon would remain the default blank icon image.


Did a whole day of trying to figure out what was going on, Did a few clean OS installs after messing with regedit. Found out I could set the default program before I installed any programs or windows updates, Did the windows update thing til it said I was up to date, Tried uninstalling the few updates I could remove one by one, uninstalled KB445869, rebooted and was able to set default program again.


This should be replicatable if you have all the recent windows updates, Just create a new text document anywhere, give it a random file extension, I tried "New Text Document.dllp, It gave me the default blank icon image, Then you will select open with and choose notepad, The icon should remain the same blank image. You can then close notepad and try again. 


This shouldnt affect your GTA folders if you have already chosen a default program for your .meta and .dat files but will affect you in the future for different types of files that need to be edited with a text editor.

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