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Computer+ not working

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So... I downloaded and installed a new ELS vehicle pack for my LSPD slots. After loaded the game in and attempted to open computer plus for a traffic stop, I realized that it wasn't working, the computer screen never popped up. I then spawned a different car and it worked. After spawning all of my police vehicles, I determined that computer+ never opens if I am in police, police 3, or police 4. It works fine on all of my other vehicles. I tried re-downloading Computer+, but have the same result. I also realized that AI doesn't move out of the way when I am running code 3 when I am in the vehicles. I just don't know what caused this or how to fix it. Please help.

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I changed vehicles in all of the slots that were having issues and still no fix. Is it ELS, vehicle.meta, or what? 

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