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Crashing HELP!

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My game was working perfectly fine until I tried moving two different standalone ELS cars (police7 & sheriff3) into another DLC file mpsmuggler to try and fix another separate issue with the models spawning in a certain color. They had previously spawned in before fine granted with a green tint but couldn't pull people over with them or have cars move out of the way. After I deleted the old models, carvars, and vehicle meta files from the original location mpspecialraces, I moved them all to mpsmuggler the exact same way i would install them when i went to go play my game it crashed. So I completely deleted all sheriff3 and police7 related code and models from the meta and carvars. But my game is still crashing!(Rage opens up and opens up GTAV but when it starts loading in the game in the splash screen it crashes)  I previously also did mess with the sirens in the game but i changed them successfully before the crashes so they shouldn't be the issue. I also removed the ELS VCF sheriff3 and police7 and changed my backup ini in LSPDFR back to the original police4 where police7 was. I have absolutely no idea how to fix this or what i did wrong if anyone can help me that would be greatly appreciated thank you!



UPDATE- there was a </Item> right at the very top it has been fixed...

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