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zlib error - I'm frustrated

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Hello Community, since yesterday I have the error that my GTA V crashes and I constantly spit out this error message. 

How did this happen? Well I inserted mods with OpenIV. I wanted to put in some new police cars, about 10 of them. I then also put them all in at once, as it stood in the readme of the respective mods. Now when I wanted to start the game, this error occurred. So I uninstalled the game yesterday and waited goddamn 16 hours until the game was installed again. With full anticipation I started the game and again the same error message. This is crappy, because even after reinstalling the game nothing works. I have now completely uninstalled the game and also deleted the folder, because the folder with the RAGE hook still existed, even if you uninstall GTA V. Now I have to wait another 16 hours until the game has downloaded. -.- 

If now after about 16 hours download time, this error should still exist, then I really don't know anymore. What should I do? I now download the game one last time, if it doesn't work then everything was for nothing :(. 


Here are some specs from my gaming notebook: 

Graphics card: 1050Ti

Memory: 8 GB

Processor: i5-7300HQ


The game worked perfectly before inserting the mods and without crashes! So it's not the laptop!



I talked to rockstar support. They sent me the following support message:


Non-Steam version:

     Uninstall GTAV from your PC ("Start">"Control Panel"> under "Programs" click on the sub-entry "Uninstall programs")

     Go to the location where you installed GTAV. (_Default: C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\Grand Theft Auto V_)

    Delete all remaining folders/files in this location.


Additional files/contents:

The following locations can also be used to store savegames, settings and videos recorded with the Rockstar Video Editor. 
Please note that you will not be able to restore these files after deletion unless you have made a backup copy of them:

Delete all files/folders in this location: C:\Users<user.name>\Documents\Rockstar Games\GTA V

Delete all files/folders in this location: C:\Users<user.name>\AppData\Local\Rockstar Games\GTA V


After you have followed these steps, please reinstall the game. This ensures that you have the latest version of Grand Theft Auto V and not a modified version.

Unfortunately I don't know if this works. I won't see that until tomorrow.


2018-09-30 13_22_55-.png

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