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Game crashes everytime I call transport unit.

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So basically, everything goes well until I try to call transport unit, whenever I do that the game just freeze for a while and then crash. Does anyone had this problem or is it only me?

All plugins I have are up-to-date as well as RageNativeUI and Albo1125.common
Plugin list:

  • Arrest Manager

  • BetterEMS

  • ComputerPlus

  • CopHolster

  • EUP

  • HeliOrbitPlugin

  • Keep Calm


  • LSPDFR+ Offences Improvement

  • PoliceSmartRadio

  • SaferChases

  • Spotlight

  • StopThePed

  • Traffic Policer

  • VehicleSearch

Also I have bunch of callouts mods, but these are do not provoke the crash itself (maybe I am wrong though)

And I have Enchanted Native Trainer as well, maybe this one conflict with LSPDFR? But this is unlikely because I've played LSPDFR with this mod setup before and everything was just fine.

And the last thing -- Steam, GTA and RPH launcher has elevated previlegies on it, maybe this is the problem?

Any help appreciated!


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