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Game Keeps Crashing. Please Help.

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I have been racking my brain to figure out what's causing my game crashes. I have studied the log file over and over, and it does have several warnings, but I'm not sure as to what they are referring. Let me add my log file here and see if anyone that's more experienced in modding GTA can give me some insight, maybe even a fix, if possible.


Before I do that, allow me to list some of the mods I have enabled.


2. ELS v8

3. Policing Script

4. Bravehart ALPR

5. Callouts+

6. Police Helper

7. Simple Native Trainer

8. TowHelper

9; GTAPolicing Tools


My system specs are rather low, but I normally have little issues running GTA4. I've already beaten it before I installed LCPDFR and the mods mentioned above. Either way, here are my specs.

Mid 2009 MacBook Pro, Intel Core2 Duo at 2.8Ghz, 4GB RAM, nVidia GeForce 9600M GT video card, dual booted with MacOS X and Windows 7 Professional 64 bit.


It won't let me upload the log file, so I'll copy paste it below. Thanks for your time.


Log Warnings:


[Log Check] LCPDFR.log lists one or more errors
[Log Check] ------------------------
[INFO - 1:34:02 PM] [Log] Started
[INFO - 1:34:02 PM] [Main] Main: Initializing...
[INFO - 1:34:02 PM] [Main] Main: LCPDFR Engine (C) 2011-2013 LMS
[INFO - 1:34:05 PM] [PluginManager] Initialize: Loading custom plugins
[WARNING - 1:34:05 PM] [Settings] ReadSettings: Invalid entry
[INFO - 1:34:05 PM] [Settings] ReadSettings: Suspect transporter POLICE
[INFO - 1:34:05 PM] [Settings] ReadSettings: Suspect transporter POLICE2
[INFO - 1:34:05 PM] [Settings] ReadSettings: Suspect transporter PSTOCKADE
[WARNING - 1:34:05 PM] [Settings] ReadSettings: Invalid entry
[INFO - 1:34:06 PM] [Plugin.Main] Changing language to en-US
[INFO - 1:34:06 PM] [Main] Main: Initializing done
[INFO - 1:34:03 PM] [ServerCommunication] InitializeConnection: Internet connection available
[INFO - 1:34:03 PM] [ServerCommunication] InitializeConnection: Public IP Address is: 2600:387:0:802::38
[INFO - 1:34:09 PM] [ServerCommunication] InitializeConnection: Found configuration for the masterserver, going to use API server v2.legacy.os.g17media.net
[INFO - 1:34:09 PM] [ServerCommunication] InitializeConnection: Establishing session with the LCPDFR server...
[WARNING - 1:34:09 PM] [ServerCommunication] InitializeConnection: Failed to connect to the LCPDFR server (The remote server returned an error: (501) Not Implemented.). Multiplayer is deactivated
[INFO - 1:34:09 PM] [NetworkManager] NetworkManager: In network session: False Is host: False
[INFO - 1:34:09 PM] [Authentication] Authentication: Server not available, trying to authenticate offline
[ERROR - 1:34:09 PM] [Authentication] Authentication: Authentication failed. Couldn't reach server or no valid lease available
[INFO - 1:34:09 PM] [Authentication] Authentication: User is in offline mode



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