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Rage Plugin Crashes Upon Trying To "Validate"

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    First time every trying to play LSPDFR and it's rough. Running Windows 7 Home Premium and installed exactly as told, LSPDFR first and then rage hook. Afterwards, when I click the RageHook.exe the splash screen pops up, and when it gets to the part that says "Validating" the splash screen goes dull and windows tells me it has stopped responding. I haven't gotten to play once and as such do not have and have not attempted to install any mods. At a loss of what to do, I wiped my GTA V and now have to wait overnight (7-10 Hours) as Steam re-downloads GTA V because they don't allow you to uninstall and re-install without re-downloading (I guess that would make things too easy).

    I haven't tried re-naming the mods folder or opening RageHook to increase the timeout to 60,000 as I saw in one post, nor force it to run in borderless windowed mode and those will be next. it doesn't seem (based on my searches) that a solution has been found. If anyone could be so kind as to share a solution or tell me how to share my logs to troubleshoot the issue I would be incredibly grateful.



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