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RPH Crashing

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Recently i decided to reinstall my game since i wanted a clean copy to install new cars on, however i noticed that when i booted up this one using RedHook that it decided to crash when it was "populating the word" i have tried numerous fixes to make it work but all that seemed to help was delete the AdvancedHook.asi file, im using these mods


Captain14's Police Packs

Police outfits for Trevor and Franklin




Simple Trainer


at first i thought it may be because of the Police Pack but it seemed to work perfectly fine if i deleted the .asi file, and the trainer also seemed to work perfectly, also i dont know if it matters but the Police Pack has replaced the default ones, i dont have a mod folder since it seemed with others that caused the crashing


also im very sorry if there is already a fix for this but nothing seemed to work with what i found except deleting the .asi


EDIT: I have tried the LSPDFR troubleshooting application and downloaded RageNativeUI and Albo1225common.dll


also have a wondeful day!





2018-09-18 (1).png

2018-09-18 (2).png

2018-09-18 (3).png

2018-09-18 (4).png

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