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ELS emissive lights always on

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Hi again, so I have this problem now, ELS works but the Emissive won't turn of unless I turn off the engine. Also coronas won't show unless I'm looking from an exact angle as seen in here:


From 1:04 in the video on you can see the corona pop up.


Thanks for your help.


EDIT: the corona thing was fixed by removing some vertices that where in the middle of it, making it not visible. However I cannot fix the ELS thingy.

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1 minute ago, Insus100 said:

Yes please

Don't Know if that's what you need, tell me if you need more screenshots please.


Is Siren18 your emmisive and rotator, or just the rotator?

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4 minutes ago, Insus100 said:

If I hide it, it hides the rotator, with all the textures, leaving only the glass visible, so it's both.

Are you using DRO1 or DRO2?

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