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Does the GTA V Folder belong to Data ^^C:^^

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The reason im asking this is because my GTA V folder is in Data D and i have there some issues with LSPDFR. The first time LSPDFR was crashing after 4-5 minutes every time. Now it doesn’t crash anymore but my police smart radio isn’t working and some plugins like traffic policer or arrest manager dont load and a friend of mine told me that it could be because that my folder is in Data D instead of C. I already thought about just installing GTA in C but my Storage in C is Full and most of the files there are from windows and i dont want to delete something that is important for windows. I got my GTA of steam. And sorry  for my english, im german.

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It doesn't matter where your GTA is installed in which harddrive. Your problem should be due to another issue, could you provide screenshots of your \plugins, \plugins\lspdfr and gtaV Directory?

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