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RPH sometimes dont launch

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Hello guys please help me with this lil problem !


I've installed gta 5 (steam version ) and also lspdfr with RagePluginHook


My Problem is that when i click RagePluginHook.exe , It Sometimes works correctly and my gta 5 story mode launches with rage plugin hook and all of my plugins (This especially works when i turn my pc on and launch the game 1st time after restart )


But if i launch ragepluginhook.exe again after the 1st launch to play it again , it just launches the game from steam , the RPH dont launch itself inside the game and so is the mods..

Any Help / Solution would be appreciated !!


I have to sign out of my account everytime i think then to have the rph working in the game  😕


P.S Is there any fix for getting 50-60+ fps when we go on duty 

I get 60+ fps before duty but after duty my fps drops to 30 which is really pain in the ass !!! 

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I'm pretty sure this is just RPH being itself.. I have the same problem sometimes where it just doesn't load at all. All you need to do is while your game is open, just launch RPH and it should hook the existing game.

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