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GTA V crashes on startup

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i attempt to run my game via RPH after the update and it crashes during the loading screen. A window comes up asking to check for scripthook v updates however it is up to date. I’ve gone through the steps with open iv and the asi loaders, renaming mods folder, etc and still nothing.


i do use scripthookvdotnet from gta5-mods but that hasn’t been updated for the new update so that may be the issue. I’ve tried removing all scripts to circumvent this possibly being an issue but still nothing. I’m not sure what scripts or etc rely of scripthookvdotnet.


im just unsure of what else I can do.

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Have you installed any vehicle recently or any recent plugins? It may be useful to consider the recent changes you have made because it then becomes easier to trial and error. If you haven't installed anything recently, I would recommend completely doing a fresh install of GTA V and install LSPDFR from scratch. That way your files should not be corrupted, fully updated and should work. 


Let me know what happens, remember to always back up your directory before you install anything! 🙂

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