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Rage Hook Plugin crashes when loading Story Mode (SOLVED)

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I bought GTA V to play this mod. Sadly it doesn't work for me 😭

I have latest steam GTA 5 version 1.0.1493.0 I also have the newest Rage Hook Plugin v0.63.1224.15140 PUBLIC ALPHA. When I start the game with RPH everything is fine until it goes to "Loading and Populating Game World" then it crashes after some time. I attach Rage Hook Crash txt file so maybe someone may find out what is going on. I have Windows 8. I tried deleting my ENB. Tried launching game and RHP as administrator in different combinations. I tried also to launch in windowed mode. I installed everything properly. Also I didn't choose to launch LSPDFR plugin as Rage starts. What did I do wrong? I would post it on Rage Plugin Hook forum but they have no forum so I must post it here. Can anyone help me? I want to play this mod very much.

rage hook crash.txt

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Ok I did intall framework (I am not sure I had it because it doesn't appear in windows control panel) and my game still crashes in the same moment : (

EDIT1: I used Albo Troubleshooter and it found 3 errors. I fixed them and downloaded what this tool suggested but game still crashes like previously.


EDIT2: I joined Discord of RagePluginHook and asked for help. Rey gave me advice to rename "mods" folder to "_mods". And that works! It crashed at the first time but second time it loaded well. Problem solved. I hope I won't crash when go on duty.

EDIT 3: Howether  it disables mods folder. I got rid off Natural Vision Remastered and Visual IV. They seem to collide with LCPDFR. Now I play with "mods" folder with addonpeds only.

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