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RageHook F4 command not working & Cant go OnDuty

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I just un-installed GTA and all mods and re-downloaded everything again for the 3rd time now.. At first when I would load in I'd press F4 to open the console menu but only the Native Trainer (AB) menu would come up, not the console menu. So id go to a police station to go on duty but it dose not work, instead id get a wanted level for going though the restricted door. So i thought ScriptHookV was interfering with RageHook so I did the install without ScripthookV. This time i launched the game as administrator, It started up fine but I still did not get the console menu when pressing F4..  What is going on? 


My Rage Plugin Hook Version is v0.57 PUBLIC ALPHA  


Here is my latest RageHook Log 




I could really use some help here.. 

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16 hours ago, GunTrouble said:

Exactly the problem thanks 

Your Welcome, once in game you can put to full screen, just in case you didnt know.

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