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SirenMastery not starting!!!

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I keep getting this in the log when GTA V loads:


[2018-05-11 12:54:45 PM.221] SirenMastery: Loading SirenMastery, developed by Albo1125
[2018-05-11 12:54:45 PM.269] SirenMastery: Albo1125.Common verifying update entry for SirenMastery
[2018-05-11 12:54:45 PM.369] SirenMastery: Albo1125.Common.dll starting standard dependency check for SirenMastery
[2018-05-11 12:54:45 PM.381] SirenMastery: isdc:/Homework9293/
[2018-05-11 12:54:45 PM.401] SirenMastery: SirenMastery could not load due to an error while checking for RAGEPluginHook dependencies.
[2018-05-11 12:54:45 PM.407] SirenMastery: Albo1125.Common detected RAGEPluginHook version: 0.62
[2018-05-11 12:54:46 PM.189] SirenMastery: Adding Albo1125.Common detected errors popup to queue.
[2018-05-11 12:54:46 PM.193] SirenMastery: Dependency check for SirenMastery successful: False


This is getting ridiculous. Please help ffs.

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