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New Exciting LSPDFR Plugins May 2018

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LSPDFR is probably the most exciting and most immersive mods ever to hit GTA V. Needless to say I am a great fan and player. 


Let me introduce myself.... I am Officer Joubert from the San Andreas  Highway Patrol and I patrol the highway and surroundings of  Sandy Shores. LOL. I love it.\


Problem is I have a creative mind and have some great ideas for very good LSPDFR Plugins. Only problem is that I know Jack S@#t about modding and coding and have only recently started learning coding etc but have a long ways to go.


IF there is ANY CODER or MODDER out there that wana make my Plugin ideas please message me here on LSPDFR Site or email me @ joubertwillie0@gmail.com

alternatively whatsapp me on +2781 336 4652


Just 2 or 3 really great ideas that will make huge difference in LSPDFR.


Thank You


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This topic has been moved to the appropriate forum. Please post in the correct location in the future.

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