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Orange County Sheriff Department Skins

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I've recently started working on an OCSD pack since I haven't really seen any around.

I just finished the 2016 FPIU however I'm going to try to work on some more later on such as:






I hope that I'll finish the designs in the next few weeks considering how easy it is to make the OCSD thanks to a such basic model

However I need to find a vehicle that matches the light bar that the OCSD uses (9M14 Series Lightbar) So if anyone is interested in developing that, let me know

Currently I'm using the @Thehurk's CHP pack considering how the FPIU is nearly identical to the OCSD design but I still need to find other designs that are semi-accurate.

I hope you like the vehicle images and I'll try to release a pack soon!


If you want to see the YT Video I did for it: *Clicking This Will Take You To Youtube To See The Video*


Desktop Screenshot 2018.05.10 -


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NCM    3


V1 Pack Release here:


As much as I enjoy working on it, I'm putting the project on pause due to school.

Next Update should include:

-Supervisor Cars

-Two Cities OCSD Car

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