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Sgt. Bishop

Open IV installation problem

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Hello everyone,
Today I need your help!
First of all I want to apologize if you encounter spelling or grammar mistakes.
I have a problem with the installation of Open IV, I explain myself. In the morning I wanted to install a "real pack car vehicle" in .iov
with Open IV. But ... I had complications from that moment. As soon as I tried to install the file ".iov" Open IV showed me an error message
report compared to the Winrar archive of ".iov". So I close Open IV and delete the archive in question with the file ".iov" and ... it is at
this time that my Open IV has clearly bugged! I tried to restart it afterwards, but an error message appeared telling me to remove Open IV is
to reinstall it with a newer version (version 3.0 currently). So I executed myself, I remove Open IV from the "uninstall" tool of the source 
file, and I also download version 3.0 on the official site. And there ... woe! As soon as I try to run the "ovisetup.exe" an alert message is
displayed, with registered "[ERROR] Setup is unable to write log file". So I press "OK" but the Open IV installation window starts normally.
Once you reach the last stage of the installation a "Installation Failed" appears! This directly stops the end of the installation.
I searched on forums other than lspdfr.com (global), but I found nothing. So I ask you for help hoping that someone can help me.
Thank you for reading me, Sgt. Bishop.

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This topic has been moved to the appropriate forum. Please post in the correct location in the future.

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Hi Hi !


I found a solution, to solve my problem of installation of Open IV. I simply created a "New Technology" folder where it should be after installation, then I slid the "ovisetup.exe" inside of it. I then launched "ovisetup.exe" and managed to reinstall it without any problem!


My problem is CLOS.

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