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There's a little pet peeve of mine where I MUST keep specific vehicles in a slot.

FBI- Unmarked Charger or FPIS

FBI2- Unmarked Tahoe/Suburban


I am using TheHurk's CHP mega pack with these slots but there's a problem. There's not CHP FPIS available. I am looking for someone that can make a CHP FPIS. All I need is an FPIS with CHP lights. The texture doesn't matter, as long as I can replace it.




PRANGER- Silverado/F-X50

POLICET- Chevy Express

POLICEB- Harley Davidson Electra Glide

SHERIFF- Charger


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1 minute ago, OfficerFive0 said:

The reason Hurk didnt make a chp fpis is because chp doesn't use fpis's.

I am aware of that, but I just would like a fpis with the chp light pattern.

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