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GTA IV: LCPDFR [Help Me Please <3]

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Hi Guys,

I installed grand theft auto IV lcpdfr. I started the game by doing ALT + P. but I do not have any kind of duties.

2. If the problem is; The LCPDFR Diagnostics Tool says to delete this asi loader but when I am dying the game does not open but when I install xlive. I said I do not have a problem yet.

Help please, I want to work now like @ SteveTheGamer55.

ı get steam grand theft auto week..


Note: Crack Version.


What is the solution to crash the game from running in addition?


I get this error when I leave the game.


System High.





2018-05-02 (9).png


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Your topic has been moved to LCPDFR Support Requests.
Please post in the correct location in the future.

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