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Small Coronas near / Big Coronas far

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Could you guys please help me to understand how do you manage coronas length increase/decrease related to the distance between the player and the car ?


I have passed threw a lot of visualsetting.dat about changing my emergency light rendering. Unfortunatly I couldn't find what I was looking for.


I have a dilemma.


  • At close distance (for example when driving the car with camera 2 (middle distance camera)) I want to have no coronas in order to see the LEDS in a very detailled way. (like MVGA).
  • At far distance I want to have big coronas in order to see the emergency ligths at long distance (like radiance).


I found a lot of different visualsettings.dat and everytime it's the same problem:



  • Small coronas, perfect for me when driving, but when you start going far way from the car, then you do not even see the emergency lights.







  • Big coronas, perfect when I am far away from the car, but at close distance it becomes muddled.







Could you guys please help me ? Thanks.

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Well if you can't find anything relating to that in the visualsettings, it could be in the timecycle files, but I doubt that. If you go to mods>x64a>graphics.ytd, then you will find Corona, and Distant Light. You might be able to fiddle around with the size of these and see if that's what you're looking for, but that also controls other coronas and some city lights, if you aren't looking for that, your best chance is probably to learn more about visualsettings.dat and see if you can find something there.

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