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Custom Car Interiors Messed Up

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Hello All,


First time poster here just looking for a little help with an issue I am having. Since RDE doesn't work with the current game version or at least I can't get it to I've gone through the files of RDE and am extracting the cars to add as standalone in my own game because I like having different areas like the Paleto Bay cars and Highway patrol. The reason I am taking them from RDE is because the cars are vanilla and fit in with the game as apposed to like a bugatti police car. No hate just saying.


Anyhow, I use Albos Modded DLC pack to install these cars and they have sound, working sirens and the whole shindig. Problem is, the inside texture of the car is clearly messed up. It's stretched textures for like headlights and dials that you would see on the dashes finer details if that makes any sense. The outside textures of the cars work perfectly and I when I view the model in OpenIV it has the interior texture just fine.


Any help would be amazing, hope it's a simple fix <3<3


Stay safe out there!

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This topic has been moved to the appropriate forum. Please post in the correct location in the future.

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