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Steam Library Uninstalled

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So this morning I downloaded LSPDFR and got the mod running and also got Assorted Callouts and the traffic stops mods downloaded and played for a bit.  After a while of playing I decided to also get the Computer+ mod.  Once downloaded I tried starting it up and it said start up taking longer than usual and then would close and said if the problem continues to restart my computer.  I tried a few more things  and nothing was resolved so I removed Computer+ entirely and tried again but same error.  I restarted my computer and attempted it again then it showed the steam download time for GTA and it closed again.  I checked my library and all of my games have been uninstalled including GTA.  I'm reinstalling GTA right now but I can still have access to all my files for all of my games it's just whenever I try loading a game it makes me install it again.  Is there any way I can have steam re-locate the files and does anyone know what's going on with the issue for the mods.  Thanks to everyone who can help!



Gonna leave this here for anyone having related issue,




follow these steps to have steam recognize your games and then GTA LSPDFR should boot up just fine.

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Fixed itttt

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