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Request and suggestion!

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Good afternoon,



I had just thought of a new idea for a call-out pack. It would be labelled "University call-outs" and it would take place on the campus of the university in the game! Call out ideas could be simple things like:

  • illegally parked student
  • trespasser
  • domestic argument
  • stolen items
  • littering
  • student harrassment

and for more serious call outs:

  • Large public demonstration
  • Student w/ a gun
  • Fight
  • Gang-related violence
  • Drugs

Vehicle-wise, the officer could drive around in an ATV or Golf-cart( which they do at my university) or even on a bicycle. 


Pretty cool idea, right? :D 



Can I get a lore-friendly version of the newer Alabama State Trooper Tahoe? Lore-friendly as in, the outline of Alabama (the state itself) can stay on the car but everything else be Los Santos related. The same for a CVPI would be cool too! For a rather big request, it would be cool if this was done for all the cars in :

but that would be a hard task! 


Thank you so much!




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