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Frank Matus

Random pack of cars ;)

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Hi guys,


So this is my first post on LSPDFR. I've been working on some cars since a bit now, it started from a standard Swift, next was a covertation from a dev version of a charger to a unmarked hellcat as i coudln't find any on the www. From that point i got more into cop cars and ambulance. You may like it, may not, i like to update these cars my way just to level up that lousy experience of mine.


For now i would like to show my Raptor. You may like it or not, it is a remade version of mine based on the one which is already on the site but i found a bit poor quality and small atention to details.

This is a shell for a future unmaked version, couldn't decide which els would fit so just left it as it is for now. Same goes for the rambar as i couldn't find the perfect one. Some leds added, set of licence plates, reskined the suspention etc.

Screen Shot 04-20-18 at 05.04 PM.PNG

Screen Shot 04-20-18 at 12.34 PM.PNG

Screen Shot 04-20-18 at 11.40 AM.PNG

Screen Shot 04-20-18 at 04.39 PM 001.PNG

If you end up falling of a random cliff with that SVT, maybe some help would be required. You won't get that help without an ambulance.

Screen Shot 03-27-18 at 12.51 AM.jpg

Screen Shot 03-27-18 at 12.51 AM 001.jpg

Screen Shot 03-25-18 at 11.01 PM 001.jpg

Screen Shot 04-20-18 at 05.25 PM.jpg

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